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8th August 2012

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Can’t handle this


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4th August 2012

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band : Cloudkicker

song : Everything’s Mirrors + Viceroy

album : The Discovery

song genre : progressive metal

why : Everything’s Mirrors is one of my favorite interludes ever and it goes into Viceroy so well. And on top of that Viceroy is just a fantastic song.

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30th July 2012

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band : Atmosphere

song : Shoulda Known

album : When Life Gives You Lemons… You Paint That Shit Gold

song genre : hip hop

why : Slug destroys. Wish Eyedea was still around even though he’s not on this song.

Tagged: AtmosphereShoulda KnownWhen Life Gives You Lemons... You Paint That Shit Goldhip hopSlugEyedeamusicDan's Song of the Day

28th July 2012

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band : TesseracT

song : Deception - Concealing Fate Part 2

album : One/Concealing Fate

song genre : progressive metal

why : it’s my birthday and i’ll groove if i want to.

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27th July 2012

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band : The Dillinger Escape Plan

song : Sunshine The Werewolf

album : Miss Machine

song genre : metal/hardcore/”mathcore”


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26th July 2012

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band : Deftones

song : Change (In The House Of Flies)

album : White Pony

song genre : alternative/metal

why : song is amazing.

Tagged: DeftonesChange (In The House Of Flies)White Ponyalternativemetalnu-metalmusicDan's Song of the Day

20th July 2012

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band : Basement

song : 1104 Porter Street

album : Songs About The Weather

song genre : pop-punk/emo

why : RIP :(

Tagged: Basement1104 Porter StreetSongs About The Weatherpop-punkpop punkemoRIPmusicDan's Song of the Day

19th July 2012

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band : Devil Sold His Soul

song : The Disappointment

album : Blessed & Cursed

song genre : post-metal/post-hardcore

why : The riff around 1:00 is one of the most crushing and memorable riffs I’ve ever come across.

Tagged: Devil Sold His SoulThe DisappointmentBlessed & Cursedpost-metalpost-hardcoremusicDan's Song of the Day

16th July 2012

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band : Gospel

song : Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet

album : The Moon Is A Dead World

song genre : screamo/progressive

why : “You look so good you make me not want to kill myself.”

Tagged: screamoskramzprogressiveGospelYr Electric Surge Is Sweetthe moon is a dead worldmusicDan's Song of the Day

14th July 2012

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Converge - You Fail Me

I don’t really care if all of my “metal” friends give me shit for loving this band. This album and this song in particular has gotten me through so much shit. Jacob Bannon knows my feels.

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